Posted by: realifemermaid | November 1, 2013


I ran in a 5K last week for Halloween and I went dressed up as a butterfly.  Whenever I passed someone, people cheered “Go Butterfly, go!! Use those wings!!”

I was fine with the cheering for butterfly last Friday, and actually got my best 5K running time ever (27:49!! almost like a real runner!!) but for most of my life, BUTTERFLY has been associated with feeling of dread…anxiety….fear….HORROR. 

Perfect topic for a Halloween post!!!

Also perfect because I have had larger than healthy helping of fly at practice this week! I have grinned and bore it.  I am always careful to not sacrifice any fly set for perfect technique, lest my shoulders end up giving out and falling pray to an orthopedic surgeon’s operating scalpel.  The coach at the US swim team that I train with during the week had the theory that fly is an excellent training tool for distance swimmers, and, well…I can’t exactly argue with the results!  Butterfly and running have been so cardio-bursting, leg-burning, mind-blowing that everything else, including sprinting in open water for one or three or twelve miles, seems pretty darn easy! 

As a nice side effect, I have more or less come to enjoy swimming butterfly and running. 

Here are a few samples of my favorite SPOOKILY SCARY workouts that I never ever in a MILLION years thought I would enjoy.  It is scary how fun they have become!

Fly:  8x150s @2:20  25FR/25FL

1650 FR pull, 200 FLY sprint (repeat till you are speaking from the grave!)

40×25 @ 25, 3 FLY, 1 FR

16×75 @1:15 50 FLY sprint, 25 BK

Running:  Anything longer than 2 miles is now okay instead of trying to avoid it like the plague like I did in college. (hahahaha)

Seriously.  A good 3-4 mile run on a cross country course.  It’s like OW without the water.

Hills…sprint up, easy down. 


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