Posted by: realifemermaid | October 29, 2013

Re-Boot the Blog!

I guess writing and swimming are two things that I just do not seem to quit. No matter how many times I attempt and fail, I seem to have an inheritly stubborn side of my that wants to just keep trying and trying again.
I was sure I had seen the last of this silly blog a few months ago…but here I am having another go at it.
I was sure I was done with swimming…tried a few other activities, including aquatic ones, before finally admitting that I was as inseparable from swimming as pee is in the pool.
Ok, I admit. I’m all fannish from reading Bethany Bosch’s “Miss Adventures of Swimming” and totally jealous of the longevity and fanbase of her blog, her adorable doggie, and numerous successful swims.
But I have also been bugged to start writing again and posting about the fun times I have training because the snippets I put on facebook are mere teases to those who think swimming endlessly for hours is actually fascinating and mindblowingly interesting.
Bloggers and distance swimmers do have quite a bit in common. We retract into our own little universe, stubborn that if we keep going at our task, then inevitably something will come of it. We are also quite certain that, even though no one can see or really cares about what we are doing, this AWESOME AMAZING THING THAT IS SWIMMING AND/OR WRITING is so worth it that I will just continue doing it anyone and I DON’T REALLY CARE WHAT YOU THINK!!

Oh. On that note, I am not participating in NaNoWriMo this Novemeber. My efforts and minimal storage of B12 are too focused on training for Tampa Bay Marathon Swim (TBMS), initiating a Poetry Slam League, resurrecting Key Club, and teaching 7 classes of Enlgish with NO PLANNING.

OMG I miss my planning period.


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