Posted by: realifemermaid | January 27, 2012

Real Florida

The best thing about living in central Florida is that we are only a few hours from every sort of water you can imagine: the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, miles of rivers and their accompanying springs and sinks and holes.

The worst? The only access to water that is not two hours away is some gator and aeomeba infested lakes. And the 50 meter Rowdy Gaines pool, which is currently being fixed up and has been closed for the last two weeks.

Traveling to get to the various wet spots in Florida, we get to see a lot of real Florida. Florida before i4 and Disney World. Wild, orange trees, cattle ranch type of Florida.

Driving all across the state may not be my favorite part of the weekend adventures, but seeing all of the virgin, tropical acres definitely makes it enjoyable.

And blogging about it certainly makes the drive faster too.


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